Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Advice on Enrolling at the Florida State College at Jacsonville Essay

Advice on Enrolling at the Florida State College at Jacsonville - Essay Example Many students choose FSCJ over other schools because of the personal approach that FSCJ has, its friendly environment, and the affordable payment schemes (â€Å"Florida State College at Jacsonville Reviews,† 20110). FSCJ accommodates students under the Federal Student Aid or those who intend to seek assistance from the government to finance their college studies. To apply, students need to secure their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available in the FAFSA Web sites. The easiest way to apply for federal student aid is to apply online. Paper applications are also accepted but they take more time to process than online applications. The first thing to do is to register and secure a pin number. To be eligible, applicants should demonstrate financial incapability to support their study, be U.S. citizens, enroll in an eligible program, and finished high school. Additionally, male applicants 18–25 years old should register for a selected service. Wi th regard to the requirements, applicants should secure documents such as high school diploma, tax certificate, and so on. Upon completion of the requirements, applicants may then fill out the application form. Next, they should review the Student Aid Report in order to know other matters pertinent to their application, including how to follow up their application. Having decided on the course to take at FSCJ, the applicant should file their application for admission with the FSCJ while still waiting for their federal student aid application results. Similar to FAFSA, the FSCJ Web site offers online applications but the school likewise accepts hand-carried or mailed applications. Applicants are required to take placement tests such as the ACT, FCAT, CPT, PERT, and SAT on a case by case basis. These placement tests determine the applicants’ capabilities in the subject areas to help them decide what courses to take. and in what professions they are likely excel in. Applicants w ho successfully meet the initial requirements may then complete the school orientation, which basically serves as the guide for new students. This program is designed to inform students of the rules, physical structure, and policies of the school. After completion of the orientation program, students will undergo first-term advising. These include understanding the placement results, knowing what classes to take, and familiarizing oneself with the registration process. Through this program, FSCJ ensures all new students are aware of the school policies and that they feel free to ask for assistance from the advisor if the needs arise. FSCJ takes advising and counseling as a serious commitment. Curriculum advising is done to assist students in achieving their academic goals, whereas counseling works to guide students in their personal concerns such as dealing with traumas or crises, coping with stress and problems, and surviving difficulties brought about by unplanned pregnancy, famil y conflict, and so on. Students may avail of advising and counseling support by calling in the Counseling/Advising office and securing an appointment. To ensure taking the right steps in their studies, students should are assigned to an academic advisor who will advise them what classes to take especially for the first term. Students should know their advisor’s name and schedule, and should visit their advisors not only during enrollment. A strong rapport is encouraged between advisors and advisees especially for those who are working, because they need to inform their advisor of their own work schedules. In addition, when talking with the advisor, students

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