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How Barbie doll does promote traditional gender roles., effect on Essay

How Barbie doll promotes conventional sexual orientation jobs., impact on sex conduct - Essay Example She is accustomed to representing the individual minor departure from general normal sexual orientation topics happening in light of the fact that various powers impact all people. Barbie Doll is maybe used to show that sexual orientation is critical and central to the personality of a person. Sexual orientation is exemplified and lived by everybody all the times of their lives. In that capacity, it tends to be contended that sex is both an individual development just as is learnt by method of social plan and request, which advances the enticing gauges of being male and female. Indeed, the Barbie doll has been depicted as the toy that was structured and made for ladies to edify ladies about what the general public anticipates from them. A few ways of thinking declare that Barbie doll has noteworthy issues that encompass gentility and sexual orientation standards. Indeed, Barbie doll can be portrayed to be the ideal portrayal of female sexuality as saw by the general public and as pro pagated by the media (Bothell 17). Sexual orientation explicit conduct is an aftereffect of both nature and socialization. The general public, to a great extent, directs how people see themselves. Both the male and female in the general public distinguish the â€Å"self† as made out of both the individual and the general public. Barbie doll delineates this sort of cultural impact just excessively well. She copies the female character. She is accustomed to speaking to the lady in the general public who works as a self-imaging device. Maybe a significant effect that she has on self-perception portrayal is that her body has a general human body structure. Maybe to show that sex explicit conduct is affected by socialization and nature, one just needs to take a gander at Barbie’s crowd kids. Numerous scholastics accept that youngsters are the most defenseless against undesirable self-perceptions that the doll ventures (Bothell 61). Socialization happens when kids play. They need an inward portrayal that could also be thought to be consistent with all guys and females

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Product Mix and New Product Development Strategies Essay

The Coca-Cola versus Pepsi rivalry is maybe the most notable contention throughout the entire existence of promoting. Coke has since quite a while ago delighted in the home field advantage, having gotten dug in as the most well known and recognizable cola all through the world. Despite the fact that it has cut itself a considerable segment of the market, Pepsi has battled to coordinate the business income of Coca-Cola; as of not long ago. In spite of the fact that Pepsi has never verged on rising to Coke cola piece of the overall industry, they have gotten more forceful and adroit than Coke in cornering the non-carbonated refreshment advertise. It is in this market Pepsi is looking to acquire a supportable upper hand over Coke. It their mission to secure and grow new items, will the utilization of the PTSTP technique assist Pepsi with growing new items so as to get a practical serious advantage?A item is characterized in three levels; center, real, and increased. The center of the item is the advantage it offers the customer. For the case of colas, it could be refreshment, vitality (sugar and caffeine), readiness, or just delight. The soft drink itself is the real item. The enlarged item for a cola could be the acknowledgment and status increases apparent by drinking that specific brand. Or on the other hand it could even be the weight reduction from adhering to consume less calories colas. For the improvement of new items, we first need to recognize what comprises of another item. There are six classes of new products:1.New-To-The-World. This is an item that has no like item offered somewhere else. For instance, when the primary PC was offered to people in general, this would be another item. 2.New Product Lines. This is when comparable items exist, conceivably significantly under a similar brand, yet another line of the item offers some unmistakable distinction to those items previously advertised. For instance, offering diet colas notwithstanding standard colas under a similar brand. 3.Product Line Additions. This is the expansion of an item that is legitimately identified with one advertised. For instance, offering Vanilla Coke available to be purchased nearby Coke. 4.Improvements/Revisions. This is an item which has just been offered,â but some change or modification has been made to the items properties. For instance: New Coke, or anything named â€Å"new and improved.†5.Repositioned Products. A similar item offered in another market or coordinated towards another objective market. For instance Pepsi bringing Sabritas chips into the US to focus on the Hispanic market. 6.Lower-Priced Products. This is essentially diminishing the cost of a current item to invigorate deals. New items influence the item blend of an organization. Item blend is commonly characterized as â€Å"the absolute composite of items offered by a specific organization.† The item blend incorporates both individual items and product offerings. A product offering is a gathering of items which are firmly related by work, client base, appropriation, or value go. To utilize Pepsi for instance, Pepsi’s item blend incorporates drinks and potato chips. The refreshment product offering comprises of carbonated, non-carbonated, and water. Pepsi, Gatorade, and Aquafina all are singular items. PTSTP is a memory aide for the five stage process basic Target Marketing and Positioning. The five stages are as follows:1.Identify serious Products. 2.Define the Target advertise. 3.Determine the reason for Segmentation. 4.Determine if any Target markets are underserved. 5.Develop a Product for the underserved advertise. By utilizing this strategy, an organization can distinguish a hole in a specific market portion. This hole might be available on the grounds that there is no item to fill it, or in light of the fact that the present item is arriving at an incredible finish cycle, in this manner making an open door for new development. To respond to the past inquiry, we will differentiate the PTSTP technique to Coca-Cola and Pespi’s advancement of the non-carbonated drink advertise. Pepsi has consistently battled to coordinate Coke’s piece of the pie in colas and other carbonated refreshments. Coke appreciates a 44% cut of the market contrasted with Pepsi’s 32%. During their multi year competition, Pepsi has never verged on selling as much soft drink as Coke. Quite a bit of this is expected to Coke’s brand acknowledgment. In spite of the fact that in 2006 Pepsi, just because, beat Coke in refreshments sold. This was expected to Pepsi’s embracement of the non-carbonated drink showcase, where it drove the market with a 24% offer over Coke’s 16%. Pepsi had the option to perceive and exploit the developing non-carbonized advertise a lot sooner than Coca-Cola. In spite of the fact that cola deals have as of late deteriorated to under 1% development, non-carbonated drinks became 8% in 2004. A significant part of the disappointment of Coke to venture into this market can be followed back to the tenacity of Coke officials to grow past the soft drink showcase. Coke had a chance to get Quaker Oats in the 1990’s, yet passed on the chance. Rather, Pepsi obtained Quaker Oats in 2001. Among Quaker Oats resources were Gatorade and Snapple, the two chiefs in their business sectors. Despite the fact that these product offerings were at that point set up, they spoke to new items to Pepsi, as they spoke to Pepsi’s presentation into the non-carbonated refreshment showcase. Subsequently, Pepsi claims a telling lead in the games drink advertise, with Gatorade holding a 80% offer to Coke’s Powerade at 15%. Until 2001, Coca-Cola had been hesitant to grasp new items. They were not ready to expand their organization and take the risk in the non-carbonated market, until they saw the achievement Pepsi was having. Notwithstanding missing Quaker Oats, Coke lost an offering war for the Sobe line of improved juices, and their offer for the Planet Java line of espressos teas was not grasped by their free bottlers. Be that as it may, since 2000 Coke has been effectively looking for new items in this market, including the obtaining of the fruitful Minute Maid juice line. The distinction in reasoning has had the effect for Pepsi. Actually, losing the cola wars may have been the best thing for Pepsi. This constrained Pepsi to look outside the soft drink domain so as to build benefits. As Pepsi’s CEO, Steven Reinemund accepts that his company’s development is because of their steady journey for change, that â€Å"Innovation is the thing that buyers areâ looking for, especially in the little, routine things of their life.† Pepsi’s eagerness to grasp new product offerings has given them the edge over Coke without precedent for history. Their contributions of Quaker Oats’ refreshments, Sobe, and Aquafina have all been firsts for a soft drink organization. Accordingly, they have picked up the brand acknowledgment over Coke’s resulting contributions, prompting an expanded piece of the overall industry. With the end goal for Pepsi to keep up their upper hand over Coke, they have to follow the counsel of Reinemund, by staying imaginative. PTSTP can assist them with supporting this bit of leeway. By distinguishing potential markets, and creating items for these business sectors, they can keep on catching new pieces of the overall industry. The drink showcase is immersed with choices for the shopper, with new items seeming ordinary. A considerable lot of these items are minor departure from existing items. For instance, caffeinated drinks have gotten exceptionally famous in the previous hardly any years. Thus the market has gotten overwhelmed with choices. It will turn out to be progressively hard to present new items in this class. By utilizing PTSTP, Pepsi can recognize another specialty in this market, or an alternate market to misuse. Utilizing the caffeinated drinks for instance, the contenders territory from Fuze, Red Bull, and numerous others. By characterizing the objective market, they can distinguish that similar socioeconomics both will in general purchase soft drinks and caffeinated drinks. Pepsi would then be able to section the market into youthful guys (18-30). They at that point establish that the objective market of consolidated soft drink caffeinated drinks is underserved. They at that point build up an item to serve this market. In this way Pepsi Max is conceived. By utilizing PTSTP, Pepsi has made another item in soft drink caffeinated drinks, Pepsi Max. It is this sort of imagination and development that is grasped by Reinemund, and will serve to maintain Pepsi with a supported upper hand over Coke. Just by utilizing a technique, for example, PTSTP, can underserved markets be recognized and misused. References 1. http://business.enotes.com/business-account reference book/item mix2. Brady, Diane (). A Thousand and One Noshes: How Pepsi deftly adjusts items to changing purchaser tastes. Business Week. 14 Jun 20043. Foust, Dean. Things Go Better With †¦ Juice: Coke’s new CEO should move rapidly to get up to speed in noncarbonated beverages. Business Week. 17 May 20044. Brooker, Katrina. How Pepsi outgunned Coke: Losing the cola wars was the best thing that at any point happened to Pepsi †while Coke was observing, PEP assumed control over an a lot bigger market. FORTUNE 1 Feb 2006http://money.cnn.com/2006/02/01/news/organizations/pepsi_fortune/index.htm5. http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_three_levels_of_a_product.htm

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Making Minimalism (Episode 1)

Making Minimalism (Episode 1) This is the first episode from our new web series Making Minimalism, created by Matt DAvella. Watch the entire series for free on YouTube. About Making Minimalism Creating our documentary, Minimalism, was simple, but not easy. A few years back we jumped in our tour bus (an old Toyota Corolla) and spoke with people around the country about how simple living had changed their lives. Now, with Making Minimalism, were deconstructing how we made the film from the very beginning. You’ll get a look at never-before-seen footage as we detail all of our big wins, failures, breakthroughs, and discoveries. See The Minimalists live on tour.

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International Business Develop Fast - 2198 Words

Today,international business develop fast,it is important to communicate in different cultures .we should understand the difference which exist between other culture and ours. everyone from different countries or culture is quite different,it is required that we have to know a little bit about other cultures,for example,a word can have several meanings referring different cultural background.How to avoid misunderstand or even conflict, it is a problem we need to think about and solve. In most cultures, a handshake is an acceptable greeting. However, the meaning of the grip of a handshake varies from culture to culture. Also, there are different greetings that are more effective in some cultures. In most cultures, a suit is viewed as appropriate attire while conducting business. However, different cultures wear different types of dress for business. Many cultures prefer conservative dress in public. In the Middle East, women are fully covered. Therefore, it is important to dress appropriately while interacting with other cultures. Using gestures, while communicating cross-culturally, is very risky. Many gestures that one may find acceptable practice in their culture may be very unacceptable or even insulting in another culture.Examples of body gestures include instinctively beckoning to a waiter, and initiating a business presentation with visual signals to greet people. In Thailand, people snap their fingers to call a waiter over to request their bill whereasShow MoreRelatedSubway International And The Global Fast Food Industry1437 Words   |  6 Pages Subway International and the Global Fast Food Industry Murad H. Yousef BU 502 - Applied Business Research and Communication Skills Southern State University August 21, 2015 â€Æ' Abstract This case study determines the critical success factors used by Subway Restaurants Corporation to expand nationally, which the corporation wants to use also to expand internationally. In addition, this paper describes the competition and the prospect success in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In general, theRead MoreKfc - the Best Fast-Food Restaurant1114 Words   |  5 Pages [pic] 1. Why is KFC famous? Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, is the largest chicken restaurant KFC is an internationally fast food industry in the world. KFC began with Colonel Harland Sanders, in America in the year 1939. They have the main ambition to increase maintain the quality in fast food industry. Their aim is to capture the fast food market. Every day, more than 12 million customers are served at KFC restaurants in 109 countries and territories around the world moreRead MoreFood Import Ban And Economic Disabilities Affected Hospitality Industry889 Words   |  4 Pagessuch as: fast-food restaurants, fine-dining, casual dining, quick and casual. The fastest growing sectors are fast-food and coffee houses (USDA 2014). Competing chains as Sbarro and Rostiks occupy a disproportionately smaller volume of the market, which, does not prevent new players to prepare for entry to the market. The first Taco Bell restaurant is opening in Moscow this autumn. It also should be noted that the development of the existing and the arrival of new players in the fast food nicheRead MoreEssay on Burger King Case878 Words   |  4 PagesFrance, Pakistan, and South Africa will be the good and vast market for any country to Penetrate into it and get their business going well and expand their business as well as Get the best returns on it. As these are the countries with the large population and with big population of youth to who consumes junk food the most. In India, they will have lesser chance to grow their business although there is a vast market for any company cannot resist getting in to it. However, Burger King is Knows for theRead MoreJollibee Food Operation1582 Words   |  7 PagesVision/ Values 4 IV. SWOT Analysis 4 V. Business Objectives 5 VI. Key Strategies 6 VII. Key Activities 6 Introduction Nowadays, the environment of business is more severe. This is a result of competitions among many organizations in the same industry. Besides that, the organizations are also affected by other factors. Therefore, the organization needs to set up the strategy planning to develop their business. Because of the strategic planningRead MoreNegative Impact Of Globalization971 Words   |  4 PagesGlobalization is the interaction of people due to the growth of international flow of different types of global markets such as business, finances, international and domestic trades, information technology, investments, and different ideas and cultures. Many people fear the impact of the economy and society because it is harmful to every citizen around the world. Globalization influences cultural exchange since it has been increasing annually. But this is not necessarily a good thing, people fearRead MoreForeign Market Entry801 Words   |  3 Pagesfor a business. There are different steps to entering a market abroad, and there are different strategies to look at, as they all vary. There is no single approach to enter all forms of international business. Many benefits come from expanding a business globally. Making the move into foreign markets will increase the size of an organization, their profits, and the overall global economy. A company must determine trade barriers, the different risks associated with their entry, and develop a strategyRead MoreBusiness Functions Of An Organization1476 Words   |  6 PagesThe ability and business functions of an organisation mainly influenced through the threat of new entrants, the organi zations have to make effective business actions or processes or products and services so that any new company faces severe barrier to enter in the market (Baines, et al 2011). If the establishment of new organisation in a business environment is easy, any new company can open their shops very easily. Furthermore, when the market rules and regulations are easy and friendly for theRead MoreKfc Case Study1509 Words   |  7 PagesKFC- Finger-lickin good Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the well-known fast food restaurants in the world. The industry was founded by Colonel Sanders. The corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky and now regarded as the most famous chicken restaurant chain. It can be noted that each day, nearly eight million customers avails the products and foods offered by this fast food chain.   KFC has more than 11, 000 branches in more than 80 nations and territories all over theRead MoreAn Analysis Of Kfc s International Expansion Opportunities Essay1147 Words   |  5 Pages An Analysis Of KFC’s International Expansion Opportunities A Case Study of Ivey School Of Business Analysis By Carson McLaren December 5, 2016 BBB4M-1 Mr James Table of Contents Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Problem (Issues) Statement 4. Case Analysis 5. Analysis of Alternatives 6. Recommendations 7. Annotated Case Study Problem Identification Key Decisions Is International expansion the most effective way to

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My Meditation Practice Plan For The Physical Aspect

My mindfulness practice plan will consist of the four areas physical, emotional, spiritual, and vital/rhythmic. The mindfulness practice plan which I have developed, provide activities which I currently enjoy doing, as well as ones that I have not experienced but have always been interested in trying. I am a very spiritual person, and therefore the spiritual area for me is one aspect that I feel is extremely important when dealing with healing one’s self. Also, being an emotionally driven individual, the emotional aspect I believe has to be in balance in order for the physical aspect to be done successfully. C1a Create two goals for each of the four aspects: The first goal in my practice plan, for the physical aspect, is to start drinking more water. This has always been a challenge for me, because I find water to be boring and lacking taste. However, I know that hydrating your body is important for many different reasons. It not only flushes out toxins in your body, but also keeps your skin clear, and helps with weight loss, among many other things. One way that I will work to meet this goal, is to buy water bottles in bulk. By doing this, I will have the ability to grab and go a bottle to take with me when I am heading to work or to have in the car instead of stopping someplace to buy a soft drink. Another way that I will reach this goal, is to buy some drink mixes to put in the water in order to make it taste better to me since the lack of taste has been anShow MoreRelatedAssignment On The Healthcare Setting1216 Words   |  5 Pageson how you can utilize your own physical, emo tional, and mental capabilities to help you deal with stress, illness, and conflict in your daily life. It is a field of holistic healthcare that emphasizes making lifestyle changes and utilizing all our individual inner strengths. The services provided as a part of integrative mind body medicine are classes, consultations, and retreats focusing on mindfulness and stress reduction. The classes and retreats have meditation, relaxation, yoga, and discussionRead MoreEssay on Right Mindfulness in Buddhism1089 Words   |  5 Pages‘Right Mindfulness’ as a vital part of meditation as well as one of the most important steps in the eight-fold path to enlightenment. Having mindfulness is being completely aware of what happens to us and in us and only focusing on these things. Right mindfulness, defined as â€Å"the clear and single-minded awareness of what actually happens to us and in us, at the successive moments of perception,† holds an essential role in the practic e of Buddhist meditation (Klostermaier, Buddhism, Pg. 132). ThisRead MoreThe Great Reefer1186 Words   |  5 Pagesobviously uneducated on the topic) bashing weed, i found myself lost in the thought regarding stereotypical views of ganja. Ya know, the typical pothead stoner stereotype, who is inherently unmotivated and talks with a ridiculous accent. Even some of my family members still hold similar views of marijuana. Why? I m not sure, there is extensive research on the plant. Many successful and brilliant people have even openly admitted to using it. I ve used it for a few years now, mostly as a tool for seeingRead MoreEssay about Karate and Technology771 Words   |  4 Pagespassed by. I signed up the class soon afterwards because my curiosity. At first, I was surprise there were so many formalities and meditation besides the training in karate. Few weeks later, I had a discussion with my coach he told me that our training in that way was meant to both practices our mind and body. I did not fully understand the real meaning at first, but after I was familiar with my training I began to realize that the physical training was meant to develop the qualities self-improvementRead MoreThe Field Of Mental Health Counseling1201 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Burnout in the field of Mental Health Counseling is a serious concern for everyone involved, whether the person is just beginning their journey, or if they are a seasoned veteran with years of experience. Unless, the person has a prevention plan in place and adds it into their busy schedule and does not stray from their commitment of their self-care program. It is easy when we get busy to skip a day here and there and the next thing you know we have not taken care of ourselves for a monthRead MoreComplementary and Alternative Medicine Essay examples997 Words   |  4 Pagesbecoming better known all over the world. CAM encompasses various types of therapies, such as yoga, reflexology, chiropractic therapy, herbal therapy, ayurveda, meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. The evidenced-based research, recognition of disconnect between patients and also the positive and negative aspects of CAM modalities are reasons behind the increased attention it has gaine d in medicals schools all over the United States. (Hart, 2009, p. 287). The major concernRead MoreThe Theory Of Chair Yoga948 Words   |  4 Pagesbaseline, midpoint, and end of the 8 week study. The outcome of the study found improvement in physical function and reduced stiffness, but emotional well-being was not improved, and pain still persisted. The authors plan to further explore the possibilities of chair yoga in the future through more rigorous studies with larger samples, randomized controlled trials and follow up by monitoring home practices after the conclusion of the trials. Chair Yoga- Benefits for Older Adults OsteoarthritisRead MoreExploring Different Religions Help Broaden Awareness Of The World Around Us Essay1537 Words   |  7 PagesChristianity. In this paper I will apply the seven basic worldview questions to Buddhism and Christianity, followed by examining the similarities of Buddhism and Christianity, how different faiths can affect healthcare treatment, and finally describe my own perspectives on healing and what I have taken from this research. Seven Basic Worldview Questions What is Prime Reality? Prime reality describes what a faith holds to be true. Prime reality is the central idea for the religion and everything taughtRead MoreHealth Care Case Study1032 Words   |  5 Pages The VA has contacted veterans nationwide to get them off waiting lists and into clinics. The plan to rebuild trust among veterans, improve service delivery and set a course for the agency’s long term future, including simplifying a system is The Department of Veteran Affairs’ main target and should have been implemented in November 2014. Scientific Expectations The components of structural, physical, and bio-chemical can be handled by providers to ensure that a patient be treated properly forRead MoreLife Is Beautiful And Full Of Joy944 Words   |  4 Pagesbody; it can affect every aspect of life, because good health effects the mood and so that affects one’s perception. The English word health comes from the Old English word hale, meaning wholeness, being whole, sound or well. Not only eating better, exercising often, but also having a positive mental health it’s also as important. In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle, one must create a better food diet plan, schedule a workout routine daily, and practice meditation to relax the mind. Eating

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Assess The Level Of Anemia Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

This chapter discusses the findings of the survey derived from the descriptive and illative statistics. The survey was conducted to measure the effectivity of Beta vulgaris rubra mush on anaemia among adolescent misss at selected schools, Salem. Description of the demographic variables The demographic variables were collected through Structured Questionnaire and anaemia was assessed by Sahlis Hemoglobinometer graduated table. We will write a custom essay sample on Assess The Level Of Anemia Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now The degree of anaemia was assessed before and after disposal of beetroot mush. The research worker found that in experimental group, 19 ( 63.33 % ) were in the age group of 15 old ages and in control group 19 ( 63.33 % ) were in the age group of 14 old ages. This survey was supported by, Thankachen et Al ( 2008 ) he did the survey to gauge the prevalence of anaemia among adolescent misss. In this survey 296 adolescent misss were studied between the age group of 10-19 old ages and concluded that 60-70 % of adolescent misss were anaemic between the age group of 13 to 15 old ages. In experimental group 18 ( 60 % ) were analyzing in 10th criterion and in control group 15 ( 50 % ) were analyzing in 9th criterion. In experimental group, 23 ( 76.67 % ) non-vegetarian whereas in control group 25 ( 83.33 % ) were non -vegetarian. In experimental group, 25 ( 83.33 ) were taking 3 times nutrient per twenty-four hours and in control group 25 ( 83.33 ) were taking 3 times nutrient per twenty-four hours. In experimental group 29 ( 96.67 % ) were taking jammed tiffin from place and in control group 30 ( 100 % ) all of them were taking jammed tiffin from place. In experimental group 22 ( 73.33 % ) had regular catamenial rhythm and in control group 22 ( 73.33 % ) had regular catamenial rhythm. In experimental group 15 ( 50 % ) had normal catamenial flow and in control group 9 ( 30 % ) had regular A ; inordinate catamenial flow. The first aim of the survey was to measure the degree of anaemia among adolescent misss During pretest in the experimental group 15 ( 50 % ) samples had mild and moderate anaemia. In control group bulk of them 19 ( 63 % ) had mild anaemia and 11 ( 36.67 % ) had moderate anaemia. During posttest in experimental group bulk of them 21 ( 70 % ) had mild anemia, 2 ( 6.66 ) had moderate anaemia and 7 ( 23.33 % ) had no anaemia. In control group bulk of them 19 ( 63.33 % ) had mild anaemia and 11 ( 36.67 % ) had moderate anaemia. Rohini et al. , ( 2007 ) conducted survey to measure the prevalence of anaemia among adolescent misss in 16 slums at Pune. 1142 Adolescents were selected as samples. Data aggregation was done based on bio physiological steps, dietetic history, morbidity history, anthropometric steps, and ingestion of locally available Fe rich nutrients. The consequence showed that 1.3 % of misss were badly anaemic and 58 % of misss were reasonably anaemic ( P lt ; 0.01 ) in the survey population. The 2nd aim was to measure the effectivity of Beta vulgaris rubra mush on anaemia among adolescent misss in experimental group. In experimental group, the posttest average mark of anaemia was 10.53AÂ ±0.65 and in control group the mean mark was 9.76AÂ ±0.29. The ‘t ‘ value was 5.31* which showed that Beta vulgaris rubra mush was effectual in bettering the hemoglobin degree among adolescent misss in experimental group. Therefore hypothesis H1 was retained at P lt ; 0.05 degree. Fsaumi, ( 2003 ) conducted an experimental survey to measure the effectivity of Beta vulgaris rubra juice on anaemia. The topics were 20 adolescent misss in the age group of 12- 16 old ages who were divided into two groups, 10 as experimental and 10 as control group. The misss of the experimental group were given nutritionary addendum Beta vulgaris rubra ( 50gm | twenty-four hours ) for a period of 25 yearss and the control group was given placebo for the same period. Diet form was same for all the 20 topics. Consequence showed that there was an addition in the serum haemoglobin degree ( 72 % ) and folic acid ( 68 % ) degree in the experimental group after the disposal of beetroot supplementation ( m=10.31, SD=1.32146 ) irrespective of their demographic variables and the obtained ‘t ‘ value ( t = 9.39, P lt ; 0.05 ) was important. It is concluded that the addition in serum haemoglobin degrees irrespective of their demographic variables in the experimental group as compar ed to command group was decidedly due to the consequence of Beta vulgaris rubra supplementation. The 3rd aim was to tie in the pretest tonss on anaemia among adolescent misss in experimental and control group with their selected background variables. In experimental and control group there was no association between the pretest tonss on anaemia and their selected background variables at P lt ; 0.05 degree. Drumhead The treatment was made in this chapter based on the aims of the survey and its relation with similar surveies conducted by other research workers. All the three aims have been obtained. The first formulated hypothesis was retained and 2nd hypothesis was rejected in this survey. CHAPTER-VI SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, IMPLICATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS This chapter consists of four subdivisions. In the first two subdivisions, the sum-up and the decision were presented. In the last two subdivisions, the deductions for nursing pattern and the recommendations for farther research were presented. Drumhead The intent of this survey was to measure the effectivity of Beta vulgaris rubra mush on anaemia among adolescent misss at selected schools, Salem. True experimental pretest and posttest design was chosen for this survey. 60 samples were selected ( 30 in experimental 30 in control group ) from Govt. High. School, Poolaveri and Govt. High. School, Veerapandi, Salem through systematic random trying technique from which information was collected through demographic proforma and Sahlis Hemoglobinometer. The information was analysed by utilizing descriptive and illative statistics. To prove the hypothesis, independent ‘t ‘ trial and chi-square was used. The P lt ; 0.05 degree of significance was used to prove the hypothesis. In pretest, in experimental group 15 ( 50 % ) had mild anaemia and 15 ( 50 % ) had moderate anaemia. In control group 19 ( 63.33 % ) had mild anaemia and 11 ( 36.67 % ) had moderate anaemia. In posttest, in experimental group 21 ( 70 % ) had mild anemia, 2 ( 6.66 ) had moderate anaemia and 7 ( 23.33 % ) had no anaemia. In control group 19 ( 63.33 % ) had mild anaemia and 11 ( 36.67 % ) had moderate anaemia. In experimental group, the average pretest mark on anaemia was 9.48AÂ ±0.81, posttest mark was 10.53AÂ ±0.65, with a difference of 1.05. In the control group, the pretest mean mark was 9.64AÂ ±0.53, and posttest mean mark was 9.76AÂ ±0.29 with a difference of 0.12. In experimental group, the posttest average mark of anaemia was 10.53AÂ ±0.65 and in control group the mean mark is 9.76AÂ ±0.29. The ‘t ‘ value was 5.31 which shows that Beta vulgaris rubra mush was effectual in bettering the hemoglobin degree among adolescent misss in experimental group. Therefore hypothesis H1 was retained at P lt ; 0.05 degree. In experimental and control group there was no association between the pretest tonss on anaemia and their selected demographic variables at P lt ; 0.05 degree. Hence the formulated hypothesis H2 was rejected at P gt ; 0.05 degree. Decision This survey was done to measure the effectivity of Beta vulgaris root mush on anaemia among adolescent misss at selected schools, Salem. The consequence of this survey showed that Beta vulgaris rubra mush was effectual in bettering hemoglobin degree among adolescent misss in experimental group. There was no important association between the pretest tonss on anaemia and their selected background variables in experimental and control group. Hence formulated hypothesis H2 was rejected at P gt ; 0.05 degree Deductions Anemia is the commonest wellness job among adolescent misss. Hence there is a demand to hold nutritionary supplementation for direction of anaemia. The consequence of the survey proved that Beta vulgaris rubra mush can be used efficaciously in the nutritionary direction of anaemia. Nursing service: Regular showing of school kids can be arranged by school wellness nurse to observe anaemia and forestall its patterned advance. Educate the benefits of Fe rich diet and its function in bar and control of anaemia. Nutritional intercessions can be introduced as a primary manner of intercession by the nurses for the intervention of anaemia. The school wellness nurses can set up nutritionary supplementation Sessionss for school kids particularly for adolescent misss. Continuous instruction to the school instructors sing importance of nutritionary supplementation are necessary for cut downing the prevalence of malnutrition including anaemia. All the anaemic persons can be taught about the importance of taking Fe rich diet by small town wellness nurse. Nursing instruction: Nurse pedagogues could stress the construct of school wellness and encourages pupil nurses to appreciate the function of the nurse as an pedagogue of the school kids. Nurse pedagogue should take enterprise in forming go oning instruction plan for nurses on effectivity of Beta vulgaris rubra mush in direction of anaemia. Motivate the pupils to update the cognition on assorted invention attacks in intervention modes for anaemia. Nursing disposal: Necessary disposal support can be provided to carry on plans on bar of anaemia. Form in-service instruction sing anaemia and its effects for community wellness workers and school instructors to cut down its impact on wellness position of kids. The nurse decision maker coordinates her work along with the staffs, to promote them to make selected alternate nutritionary steps like Beta vulgaris rubra mush in the direction of anaemia. Nursing research: Nursing research demand to be done to happen out assorted other nutritionary steps in order to cut down prevalence of anaemia among adolescent misss. Research can be done on assorted populations at assorted scenes. Recommendations A similar survey can be conducted with prenatal female parents. An extended descriptive survey can be conducted to measure the prevalence of anaemia among adolescent misss. A similar survey can be done for kids ‘s of other age groups and grownups. A comparative survey can be done to find the effectivity of nutritionary intercession vs. pharmacological intercession on anaemia A Similar survey can be conducted by utilizing one group pretest and posttest design. A similar survey can be conducted in urban schools. A similar survey can be conducted in rural and urban communities. Drumhead This chapter dealt with drumhead, decision, deductions for nursing and recommendations. How to cite Assess The Level Of Anemia Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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Machiavelli and Aristotles idea of virtue

Introduction Machiavelli and Aristotle’s perceptions towards virtue endure until today. The differences in their perceptions towards politics allowed the two to come up with diverse dimensions of ethics and virtues as well as their role in politics. Aristotle comes up with a clear distinction between personal virtue and civic virtue and has the conviction that the two are autonomous. Hence, â€Å"it is evident that the good citizen need not of necessity possess the virtue which makes a good man† (Aristotle â€Å"Politics† 54).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Machiavelli and Aristotle’s idea of virtue specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to Aristotle, civic virtue is critical to politics and it facilitates in promoting national harmony. On the other hand, Machiavelli takes a different position with respect to ethics and virtue. Unlike Aristotle, Machiavelli does not find virtue to be of great significance. Machiavelli posits, â€Å"Therefore, if a prince wants to maintain his rule, he must be prepared not to be virtuous and to make use of this or not according to need† (65). Machiavelli vs. Aristotle According to Machiavelli, â€Å"if one considers everything well, one will find something appears to be virtue, which if pursued would be one’s ruin, and something else appears to be vice, which if pursued results in one’s security and well-being† (62). Machiavelli uses an empirical approach to explain what entails virtue. He posits that an individual might have limited cognitive abilities and thus can fail to fathom why something is erroneous. On the other hand, things that were once considered virtuous can turn out to be erroneous. In a way, Machiavelli is referring to both authority and self-examination. At times, people fail to acknowledge virtue not due to flaws in their perception, but because they may have been wrongly instruct ed. Consequently, Machiavelli believes that when deciding on what is virtuous, people should not consider only what is ethically right or abide by custom authorities. Machiavelli comes up with a utilitarian understanding of virtue. He claims, â€Å"For something to be a virtue in the moral sense, it cannot seriously compromise our worldly well-being† (Machiavelli 69). In this way, he restricts the scope that moral virtue can cover. One wonders if he accords any significance to moral virtue. Machiavelli considers those leaders that are capable of transforming the world to meet their needs to be virtuous. In addition, he perceives outstanding political skills as virtuous. One of the limitations of Machiavelli’s idea about virtue is that he does not show what virtue really comprises and how one can cultivate it. Both Aristotle and Machiavelli believed that no virtue could come out of ignorance. Machiavelli posits that when one reflects on everything well, s/he can identif y what is virtuous (Machiavelli 62). Hence, one engages in virtuous acts after a thorough deliberation and no one partakes in the acts unconsciously.Advertising Looking for essay on political sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, Aristotle claims that virtues are temperaments for choice. He holds the conviction that for one to act from virtue, he or she has to determine if his or her undertakings are ethically correct. For one’s intentions to reflect virtue, s/he must proceed with complete awareness of the state of affairs. One cannot proceed out of ignorance. Aristotle asserts that only the premeditated or deliberate actions can be accorded praise. According to Aristotle, virtue trait is neither defective nor excessive (Aristotle â€Å"The Nicomachean Ethics† 41). He claims that virtue trait does not yield either defective or excessive feelings or actions. Hence, individuals ought to feel and act in line with the mean. Nevertheless, Aristotle posits that it is hard to come up with a definite formula for determining the mean. In its place, virtuous people should depend on morally sensitive views to understand where virtue lies (Aristotle â€Å"The Nicomachean Ethics† 51). The virtuous people identify and react to the morally significant elements available in varied contexts and modify their intentions and actions accordingly. John McDowell buys to this Aristotelian idea of virtue when he claims that virtue comprises perceptual sensitivity to the ethically pertinent qualities of one’s plight, which is a form of perceptual skill. Aristotle refutes the claim that virtue depends on nature (Aristotle â€Å"The Nicomachean Ethics† 56). He is against the claim that a person may be born with virtue. For Aristotle, nature subjects people to embrace virtue. Even though habit facilitates in the establishment of virtues, Aristotle holds that a virtue does not comprise a habit. He states that for an individual to nurture a certain virtue, one ought to partake in activities that resemble the virtue (Aristotle â€Å"The Nicomachean Ethics† 59). Aristotle claims that for a person to develop a sense of justice, s/he should engage in just actions. The habit of engaging in just actions makes one just. Nevertheless, the habit itself does not make one just. By participating in virtuous actions, an individual is acquainted with what right deeds are like. Once he develops the virtue, he can employ the empirical wisdom to work rightly (Aristotle â€Å"The Nicomachean Ethics† 63). Hence, according to this argument, Aristotle believes that one can acquire virtue, and hence it is not an inherent quality or something given by nature. Political philosophy Due to their divergent ideas regarding virtue, Aristotle and Machiavelli hold different political philosophies. Machiavelli believes that virtue entails doing what one feels is of great b enefit to him or her even though others might suffer from it. He believes in a political system where the leader has absolute powers (Machiavelli 52).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Machiavelli and Aristotle’s idea of virtue specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to him, a bad state is one whereby the leader depends on advices from his juniors. Machiavelli believes that for a political system to be stable, one ought to depend on his or her principles and not borrow ideas from other people. He claims that virtues acquired from other people might plunge one to problems when it comes to a point of defending his or her actions (Machiavelli 68). He claims that it is hard for a leader to maintain power if s/he has not acquired it out of his or her virtue. Machiavelli believes that depending on another person’s fortune or will is disastrous to leaders since such will or fortune is unstable. It become s hard for a leader to take full control of his or her subjects given that the leader does not develop the art of commanding (Machiavelli 72). Aristotle holds the belief that political leaders should serve their subjects and not enrich themselves at the subjects’ expense. Based on his perception of virtue, he puts forwards six forms of government. They include tyranny, oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, polity, and democracy (Aristotle â€Å"Politics† 58). He compares all the systems of government and castigates the systems that seek to enrich the leader. While democracy bestows power to the public, Aristotle believes that such a government system had adverse effects on the less fortunate in the society. It promotes insecurity, especially if the poor opt to take to the streets seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of the rich (Aristotle â€Å"Politics† 60). Aristotle believes in a political system that promotes sharing of power between the various classes i n society. A system of government like polity ensures an even distribution of power among the poor, middle class, and the rich. Hence, the system fosters a peaceful coexistence in the entire society. Conclusion After analyzing both Aristotle’s and Machiavelli’s ideas, I agree that the two are influential, but in different dimensions. In a bid to identify the correct theorist, I approach the two men from a perspective of an individual that is seeking to determine the most appropriate form of governance suitable for the contemporary world. Aristotle’s views on the objectives of politics, forms of governments, and duties of the public are convincing and they fit well to the contemporary global politics. On the other side, Machiavelli’s views on the role of ethics and virtue in politics appear to be in line with what is actually happening in the contemporary political environment. Nonetheless, this aspect does not imply that according to me, Machiavelli is th e correct theorist. Aristotle is the correct theorist here. Unlike Machiavelli, Aristotle backs all his arguments with real life situations.Advertising Looking for essay on political sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Besides, he approaches his arguments from different dimensions and manages to show how one can nurture and practice virtue. On the other hand, Machiavelli fails to back a majority of his arguments with real life situations. Besides, he approaches the idea of virtue from a self-centered approach. Moreover, Machiavelli does not give an account of how one can nurture virtue, thus affecting the credibility of his argument. Concept of Individual Freedom Introduction Rousseau and Mill were political philosophers with interest in understanding what entailed individual freedom. Nevertheless, the two do not share common views regarding individual liberty. Mill perceives individual liberty as freedom of self-control in a mutual context (Mill 11). He focuses on the development of man’s ethical character through psychological, social, and political liberty. Mill believes that everyone in the society is bound by an equal measure of personal freedom. Hence, the main reason why people come together in the society is to ensure that they do not infringe into others’ liberty. In addition, Mill has the conviction that the society works to maintain its advancement and prevent its extermination, by giving room for an open personal expression. On the other hand, Rousseau views individual freedom as comprising of a collective body bound by a general will (Rousseau 3). This paper compares Rousseau’s idea of individual freedom with Mill’s idea. Rousseau vs. Mill According to Mill, a belief is insignificant if it is only approved as a fact without being comprehended by those who embrace it. He elucidates, â€Å"There is only too great a tendency in the best beliefs and practices to degenerate into the mechanical†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Mill13). Mill claims that to curb this issue, a belief should be discussed fearlessly, regularly, and completely. Otherwise, people will consider it a dead doctrine. Mill claims that for any truth to apply to an individual, one has to use his or her views and judgment in ascertaining the truth. He believes that the veracity of any opinion makes part of its usefulness and no opinion that is against the truth can be of any use. Consequently, Mill believes that for individuals to trust in any opinion, it has to be of significance to them. Moreover, people are different, and thus truth ought to vary from one person to another (Mill13). Based in these postulations, Mill holds that limiting individual freedom means rendering the entire society inert and inhibiting its progress. Progress comes from allowing individual liberties like personal expression. Allowing individual freedom gives a society a wider range of opinions and ideas to choose from, thus encouraging growth. Conforming to traditions without understanding their values does not facilitate personal development. Consequently, individual freedom is identical to individual growth. Mill claims that when a person values him or herself, s/he is in a better positio n to be of significance to others (Mill15). He asserts that through personal development, an individual develops the entire society. Mill claims that to understand how individual freedom facilitates in social bonding, one ought to understand the interaction between individuals and the state. Mill posits, â€Å"The individual is not accountable to society for its actions in so far as these concern the interests of no person but himself† (21). Besides, individual freedom, just like other freedoms, surpasses all other authorities. Therefore, individuals are allowed an open exercise over them in Mill’s principle. Mill is categorical that the law should not enforce itself, for example on a person acting in a manner criticized by others, since s/he has the ideal liberty to act and bear the cost of his or her actions as long as the actions do not infringe into the freedom of others. The society only takes control of individual freedom if an individual’s actions tend to violate the society’s freedom. Rousseau views the general will as the foundation of freedom, justice, and order in the society (Rousseau 3). He believes that the general will is superior in the manner that it differentiates the will of individuals. The general will cannot wish or injure itself since it comprises people it affects, and thus all its interests are in congruence with the interests of the people. For Rousseau, general will always comes up with decisions that are beneficial to all (Rousseau 4). In addition, it derives its generality from the mutual interests that unite people and not from the number of voices. Hence, popular vote can facilitate in making effective determinations. Rousseau claims that in spite of the general will, every person remains independent. Although the â€Å"general will† determines what is right, individuals have voluntarily opted to embrace it, thus remaining their own masters. More particularly, the common dedication amongst all p eople is such that, â€Å"†¦ in fulfilling it †¦ a man cannot work for others without at the same time working for himself† (Rousseau 5). However, it is hard for an individual to detach himself or herself from the general will. This aspect inhibits individualism, as one has to obey the rules of the general will. The better regime Evaluating the two regimes, one may claim that they both have their benefits and limitations. Although Rousseau’s regime would promote social cohesion as people come together to address common interests, the system would be prone to resistance from its members. In spite of people sharing some common will, they might also have private will that differs with the general will. In such a case, the regime would encounter stiff opposition as people seek to have space to attend to their private will, which in a way might violate the established general will. Moreover, the dedications that bring people together in Rousseau’s regime ar e mandatory only since they are communal. It would be hard for one to leave the social body should he or she cease to share mutual interests with others. In such a case, the affected person would not enjoy his or her freedom since s/he would remain in the group unwillingly. Mill’s regime is better as compared to Rousseau’s regime. The regime not only gives room for personal rights, but also provides the mechanism to safeguard these rights. Such a regime encourages commitment from the society. In a situation where one is not constrained by anything apart from the effects of his actions on others, it is possible for an individual to pursue his or her personal goals without interference. A regime that calls for people to observe mutual interests not only frustrates individual’s effort to pursue personal goals, but also inhibits innovation. Every person works towards improving his or her living standards. Consequently, individuals would be willing to go a step furth er to come up with innovations to help them to pursue their goals. Nevertheless, if people were required to ensure that their innovations are in line with the needs of everyone in the society or a set of regulations agreed upon by the entire society, they would be discouraged from pursuing their goals in fear of violating the established regulations. Without individuality, it is hard to accomplish individual liberty in society. I would rather be a citizen in Mill’s regime. The fact that this regime promotes individuality makes it possible for individuals in the society to uphold social order. In a bid to pursue personal goals, one has to enjoy personal liberty as well as peace. In Mill’s regime, people would work hard to preserve their freedom and avoid infringing into the freedom of others. Hence, such a society would coexist in harmony. Mill’s regime would promote individual freedom, order, and justice. In such an environment, it is possible for an individual to make significant steps towards development. Conclusion Rousseau and Mill present two opposing views about individual liberty. They put forward two regimes that perceive individual liberty in different dimensions. Rousseau’s regime perceives liberty in the form of the general will that brings individuals together to work towards achieving mutual interests. On the other hand, Mill’s regime perceives individual liberty as independent with every person having a set of personal interests and goals. Mill believes that individual freedom brings people together as they seek to come up with measures to make sure that they do not infringe into the freedom of others. The main limitation of Rousseau’s regime is that it is susceptible to opposition from the members due to conflict of interests. Moreover, the regime discourages innovation and individual growth as mutual interests bind all members. On the other hand, Mill’s regime has numerous benefits. The regime al lows individuals to pursue personal interests as long as the interests do not interfere with the freedom of others. Hence, Mill offers a better regime that can foster not only personal growth, but also societal growth. Works Cited Aristotle. The Nicomachean Ethics, London: Penguin Classics, 2004. Print. Aristotle. The Politics, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1985. Print. Machiavelli, Niccolo. The Prince, New York: Hackett Pub Co., 1995. Print. Mill, John. ‘On Liberty’ and Other Writings: Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989. Print. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. The Social Contract, London: Penguin Books, 1968.Print. This essay on Machiavelli and Aristotle’s idea of virtue was written and submitted by user Avianna Hyde to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. 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